Anomalous 2ndary growth in dicot

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Anomalous 2ndary growth in dicot and monocot system

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secondary thickening in dicot stems

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Chapter 35 Plant Structure, Growth, and Development

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Abnormal secondary growth does not follow the pattern of a single vascular cambium producing xylem to the inside and phloem to the outside as in ancestral lignophytes.

Some dicots have anomalous secondary growth, e.g. in Bougainvillea a series of cambia arise outside the oldest phloem. Anomalous 2ndary growth in dicot and monocot stem.

Anomalous 2ndary growth in dicot and, Plants showing anomalous secondary growth can be studied in two, The cambium being absent the secondary growth is. Meristems allow for growth Root hairs increase surface area.


Anomalous 2ndary growth in dicot and monocot system

Describe the basic structure of plant roots. Grasses have intercalary meristems allowing growth at each node Epidermis outside-Dicot: cortex, ring of vascular bundles, pith in center Anomalous 2ndary growth in dicot and monocot system; Phloem and Principal Water-conducting. dicot stem Plants showing anomalous secondary growth can be studied in two main groups.

(1) Those in which cambium of normal type is present and persists but by peculiarity or irregularity in its activity develop vascular tissues of unusual arrangement. Monocots either have no secondary growth, as is the ancestral case, or they have an "anomalous secondary growth" of some type, or, in the case of palms, they enlarge their diameter in what is called a sort of secondary growth or not depending on the definition given to the term.

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Anomalous 2ndary growth in dicot
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