Assessment of leg ulcer

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Leg ulcers (and disorders of venous insufficiency)

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Leg Ulcers in Older People: A Review of Management

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Prevention and Treatment of Leg and Foot Ulcers in Diabetes Mellitus

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Venous ulcer

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Assessment and clinical investigations should be undertaken by a health care professional trained in leg ulcer. An ulcer is defined as a breakdown in the skin that may extend to involve the subcutaneous tissue or even to the level of muscle or bone. These lesions are common, particularly on the lower extremities.

Doppler assessment and ABPI: Interpretation in the management of leg ulceration

Leg and foot ulcers have many causes that may further define their character. Ulcerations. Leg ulcer assessment The leg ulcer assessment should encourage a systematic approach to the investigation of cause.

The following information needs to be ascertained: History of ulceration: date and cause of onset, treatment so far, previous episodes and treatment. Presence of swelling: duration, reduction overnight, family history. Wound care treatment algorithms. Algorithms on managing arterial leg and foot ulcers, neuropathic ulcers, pressure ulcers, skin at risk, and venous ulcers can help in mapping a plan of action for patients.

The algorithms from ConnectEd can be downloaded as PDFs. Key Points. A Doppler assessment is not diagnostic of venous ulceration but may be of value in defining a safe level of compression bandaging. Although helpful in defining when compression bandaging is contraindicated, an ABPI is meaningless when used in isolation.

Compression hosiery in the prevention and treatment of venous leg ulcers

Guideline: Assessment and Treatment of Lower Leg Ulcers (Arterial, Venous & Mixed) in Adults Note: This is a controlled document. A printed copy may not reflect the .

Assessment of leg ulcer
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Compression hosiery in the prevention and treatment of venous leg ulcers