Case discussion learning curve b

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Questions about the learning curve

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Learning curve

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The Learning Curve Relationship (With Diagram)

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Sep 26,  · Second Life's learning curve doesn't have to be steep, it's all about how it is presented and there's certainly room for improvement there. One problem of course is the messy user interface all viewers have but the biggest problem is that the learning process is too rushed, you're expected to learn everything in one go.

These Case Studies provide an insight into the benefits gained by those involved in Learning Curve courses and other projects. A case study on a member of Learning Curve staff who gained more experience and developed new. LEARNING CURVE RELATED QUESTIONS.

Q1.A manufacturer of diesel locomotives needs 50, hours to produce the first unit. Based on past experience with similar products, you know that the rate of learning is 80 percent. The case shows actual use of learning curves as applied to this purchase from SMT by IBM. in this case both IBM and SMT are assuming that SMT can move from a 90% curve to an 85% curve—an unproven assumption.

the sixth, and so on. In each case, each doubling of the quantity reduced production time by 20 percent.


Because of the consistency in the rate of improvement, the analysts con- Developing Learning Curves In the following discussion and applications, we focus on direct labor hours per unit, b.

Draw a learning curve for this situation. Apr 17,  · In case you don't know what I'm talking about or haven't seen it, here's the link: Does the learning curve imply that different people have different limits in learning a skill.

For example let's say there's two people: person A and person B.

Learning curve for robotic-assisted laparoscopic colorectal surgery

If person A has a learning curve that is steeper, and.

Case discussion learning curve b
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