Document.write alternative jquery cdn

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Fallback from CDN to Local

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Why to use Google hosted jQuery CDN

In this post we have collected a list of popular Javascript libraries such as jQuery, jQuery UI, Dojo, Backbone and others hosted n China.

In the above code, the first line tries to load the jQuery file from CDN, if browser could load the file successfully, "jQuery" variable will not be undefined and next script will not run otherwise next script will run that will write the script tag to load the jQuery file from your server.

A content delivery network or content distribution network (CDN) is aimed at serving the content to end-users with high availability and high performance.

There's a lot of good reasons about why to start using CDN, instead of hosting your own local copies of common JavaScript includes like jQuery. A Simple and Robust jQuery CDN Failover in One Line.

Thursday, January 28th, Mark Boas.

What is jQuery and How to Start using jQuery?

Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and others host a variety of JavaScript libraries on their Content Delivery Networks (CDN) – the most popular of these libraries being jQuery. Google Fonts uses Web Open Font Format (WOFF), which is good, because it's the recommended font format by the W3C.

IE versions older than IE9 don't support Web Open Font Format (WOFF) because it didn't exist back then.

Document.write alternative jquery cdn
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A Simple and Robust jQuery CDN Failover in One Line | The Worm Hole