Effects of world war 1and 2 in developement of education in africa

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World War I

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The Impact of the First World War and Its Implications for Europe Today

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The effects of WW2 in Africa

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Mar 01,  · To study effects on adult outcomes, we use two indicators of being affected by World War II: (a) that one lived in a war country during the war period, and (b) that one was exposed to combat in the area within a country in which one lived during the war. The effects of the war included million deaths, higher taxes, rationing of food and other products, a propaganda war, and famine.

World War 1 erupted in World War 1 had many countries involved but not all of them entered at the same time.


Page 1 of 5 World War 1 and its Effects Wallace G. Mills Hist. 2 World War 1 and effects - World War 1 brought a great deal of disruption and heavy impacts for many areas and peoples of Africa.

The Great Depression and World War II, 1929-1945

Warfare - one of the most important motives for the ‘new’ imperialism of the late 19th C (see the. Effects of the war in Africa Although some railways were built for military reasons, the First World War generally had a negative effect on trade and development.

Education - Education after World War II: On Aug. 14,Japan accepted the Potsdam Declaration and surrendered unconditionally to the Allied powers. The overriding concern at the general headquarters (GHQ) of the Allied powers was the immediate abolition of militaristic education.

Colonial rule in Africa is studied in two periods, divided by the First and Second World Wars. Africa's involvement in these two wars helped fuel the struggle for independence from colonial rule. This was partly because participation of Africans in these wars exposed them to ideas of self-determination and independent rule.

The First World War changed things in Europe and Africa. It destroyed the economy .

Effects of world war 1and 2 in developement of education in africa
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The Impact of the First World War and Its Implications for Europe Today | Heinrich Böll Foundation