Pepsico market segmentation

Pepsi and Market Segmentation

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Market segmentation is the process of dividing markets comprising the heterogeneous needs of many consumers into segments comprising the homogeneous needs of smaller groups (Guille M). Segmentation is usually done by demography, geography and socioeconomic variables.

May 15,  · Marketing has been one of Pepsi’s major activities, targeting the affluent, the impoverished, the weight conscious and youth. InPepsi sold its 12 oz. soft drink in the Depression for a nickel, an affordable price for a society plagued by a depressed economy.


PEPSI MARKETING STRATEGY PepsiCo Inc. was established through the merger of Pepsi Cola and Frito-Lay. They have 3 focus areas in which they want to create value. The target market is 1.

Market Orientation

Overweight and obese people who are dumb enough to think that it will aid in their weight artificial sweetener triggers insulin which results into the body going into a fat storage mode leading to weight gain!


Pepsi and Market Segmentation

N. Marketing Mix Of Pepsi-Cola Today¡¦s PepsiCo, Inc. was found in through the merger of Pepsi Co and Frito-Lay, the world¡¦s largest manufacturer and distributor of snack chips.

Macro Enviromental Factors Of Pepsi

Marketing analysis, Strategies, USP, Pricing strategy, competitive analysis, market segmentation, target market, etc/5(5). PepsiCo PepsiCo buys SodaStream for £bn as it looks for ways to reach consumers ‘beyond the bottle’ Pepsi is buying the carbonated water company as part of its plan to branch into purpose-driven healthy alternatives to fizzy drinks.

Pepsico market segmentation
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