Tawakkol karman a feminist islamist

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Tawakkol Karman's Perfect Reply About Hijab

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Muslim Feminists

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Tawakol Karman

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Tawakkol Karman becomes the second Muslim woman to receive a Nobel Prize. Karman is the youngest Nobel Peace Laureate to date. Karman leads the group Women Journalists Without Chains and is an advocate for free press.

Tawakkol Karman sat in front of her laptop, her Facebook page open, planning the next youth demonstration.

Tawakkol Karman – a woman worth a 1000 men

Nearby were framed photos of her idols: the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr, Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela. These days, though, Karman is most inspired by her peers. “Look at Egypt,” she said with pride. “We will win.”.

Nobel Peace Prize winner Tawakkol Karman of Yemen looks on during a news conference as part of the Nobel Women's Initiative to gather a first-hand account of the ongoing violence against women land defenders, in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, October 24, Tawakkol Karman, is a member of Al-Islah, the Yemeni branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, which has benefited most from the electoral aftermath of the "Arab Spring" in Tunisia, Morocco, and Egypt.

"Tawakkol Karman's statements do not represent the Islah party and its policies, and are not in line with the party's positions," a statement posted on Islah's website said.

Karman has many grievances against her government but it was a sheikh's tyranny against villagers in Ibb, a governorate south of the capital, that ignited her activism.

Tawakkol karman a feminist islamist
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